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Zodiac Sign Of Aries

Horoscope Hotline - Free Phone Horoscopes 24/7 - What is in the stars for you today in love, money, relationships, career, family - Call now Aries Symbol: Represents ram's face and horns.
 General Traits Independent minded, wants to lead. Brave. Enthusiastic, but can become moody, impatient or even ill tempered, especially when challenged or bored.

Aries Birth Dates: March 21 - April 20
Colors: Red, White
Element: Fire
Zodiac Birthstone: Bloodstone

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The Zodiac sign of Aries applies to people born between March 21 and April 20. Aries is the sign of the Ram. It thought to be mythologically associated with the golden, flying Ram who was sacrificed to Zeus after performing a daring rescue. The ram's golden fleece was then hung upon a sacred oak and was guarded by a dragon. So impressed was Zeus with Aries, that he moved the ram into the heavens. Aries traits are often incongruous with each other, which makes a very interesting and often creative individual.

The ruling planet for Aries is Mars, the god of war. And so, Aries can often have a fiery disposition, but it is usually directed towards creative pursuits and/or towards a personal 'cause' (more about that subject below). The Aries sense of adventure is often contagious. Yet, it does not take much to go from adventurous to a foolhardy state of daredevil behavior. A basically energetic personality provides a lot of spunk for everything from a night out to playing games. Even everyday typical actions are often done with excessive energy and/or with a creative flare.

Do not try asking anyone born under this sign to be patient. The Aries impulsive nature is usually at the core of many decisions. When a decision is made, it is typically made and there is no changing their mind.

As very dynamic individuals, Aries people are also prone to impulsive behavior. They can plunge into pioneering the unknown or, when faced with danger, immediately act courageously without thought of their own well being. It is not often that you will find an Aries who can understand why something can not be done. An Aries believes there is always a way (even if it means inventing a way to do something they want done).

Usually confident and quick-witted, the typical Aries can quickly reverse direction and become selfish and ill tempered. As a rule, Aries does not deal with confrontation very well. It is not always easy to be or to live with an individual like this, but the rewards usually out weight the trouble. It is vital to let an Aries be who they are, as they are. Otherwise conflict is often just around the corner.

The zodiac sign of Aries is measured from the equinox, beginning the year on March 21. This makes Aries the first sign. This astrological chemistry is most compatible with Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. Each pairing has its perks and its pitfalls, but the overall success rate of these pairings is typically promising. The impulsive nature can lead to a disastrous relationship if it is thrown into high gear too soon. You may find that you need a break or some down time after spending a significant amount of time with anyone born under the sign of Aries.

Arians are often need a 'cause'. When an Aries person commits to a cause, they are generally very passionate about it and may even go to extremes with their devotion. The impatience of Arians can often drive away people who belong to Zodiac signs who are more easy going or free spirited. As friends, Arians are generous to a fault and are sensitive about loving relationships. Unfortunately, an Aries is the first to carry a grudge when betrayed. They may even completely cut emotional attachments and ignore the needs of others.

The creative world is filled with Aries individuals. You will find that acting, singing, magic, and writing appeal to the nature of these individuals. Steven Segal, Harry Houdini, Mariah Carey, James Caan, and Francis Ford Coppola are all under this sun sign.

Lucky numbers for Aries are typically considered to be 5, 7, 8, 1, 4 and derivatives of these numbers. The Zodiac sign of Aries is often considered to be one of the more fortunate signs and can be generally found seeking the path less traveled.

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