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Zodiac Sign Of Gemini

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Gemini Symbol: Represents 1 and 1, the Twins
General Traits: High energy. Very independent. Fun. Believes the surface defines the depths, which can lead to deception. A witty rouge who hates to make a choice.

Gemini Birth Dates: May 21 - June 21
Colors: Yellow, light blue, rainbows
Element: Air
Zodiac Birthstone: Agate

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The zodiac sign of Gemini is an astrological period which generally extends from May 21st through June 20th. Those born during this time-frame are known as Geminians. Since the sun transits this celestial region during the transition from spring to summer, this sign is known as mutable. There are four mutable periods in the zodiac, each corresponding to a change in the season. They are all represented by two bodies. In addition to the twins, they are Virgo (bird and maiden), Pisces (two fish), and Sagittarius (horse and man).

This sign is symbolized by the twins, ruled by the planet, Mercury, and connected to the element of air. The glyph is shaped like a Roman numeral II, with two horizontal and two vertical lines representing the duality of twins. Mercury is a swift planet associated with fluid exchanges of ideas, and air represents the social and mental realms. The gender association for Gemini is masculine, exhibiting outward expressions and extroversion. These associations manifest many characteristics. This 'twin' nature of the Gemini can be attractive to some people while others find the Gemini character too 'conflicted' or 'dubious'.

Among the traits associated with Geminians are the following. Dexterity, curiosity, multi-tasking, mental explorations, relating to opposing viewpoints, being at ease during social encounters, and devising and interpreting abstract concepts, symbols, and ideas are among the common traits. In addition, the ability to adapt to changes in the environment, versatility, impulses toward change, quick-thinking, free-flowing gesticulations and expressions, talkativeness, impertinence, brotherhood (or sisterhood), and spontaneity are among the common traits exhibited by Geminians. If you enjoy a Gemini's twin nature you will likely find that Geminians are a lot of fun. Gemini have a social knack of staying on the surface of things and enjoying life as it is.

The personalities of Geminians are generally compatible with those who were also born under air signs, including Aquarius (January 21st to February 19th) and Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd). They are also compatible, to a lesser degree, with those born under the fire signs. They include Sagittarius (December 16th to January 14th), Leo (August 10th to September 15th) and Aries (March 21st to April 20th). Both Aquarius and Libra share a studious, intellectual nature and therefore find the 'twin' nature of a Gemini interesting (and not a problem to be solved).

There are many notable Geminians. They include John Wayne, Queen Victoria I, Vincent Price, Peter the Great (Tsar of Russia), Marilyn Monroe, Courtney Cox, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Morgan Freeman, Naomi Campbell, Che Guevara, Paula Abdul, Colin Farrell, Paul McCartney and Anne Frank. In addition, Arthur Conan Doyle, Ian Flemming, Johnny Depp, Bob Dylan, Mary-Kate Olsen, Barry Manilow, Clint Eastwood, Kanye West, Tupac Shakur, Nicole Kidman, Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie, Steffi Graf, Anna Kournikova, Jefferson Davis, Lionel Richie, Henry Kissinger, Kylie Minogue, Sarah O'Hare, Allen Iverson, Lindsay Davenport, Bob Hope, Alan Ginsberg and Thomas Young share this sign.

The six lucky numbers for Geminians include 50, 41, 32, 23, 14 and 5. Their lucky colors are orange, yellow and lemon. Their birthstone is agate, and lucky stones are topaz and emerald. Their lucky day is Wednesday, and lucky talisman is quicksilver. Lucky trees are nut-bearing families, flowers are lavender and lily of the valley, and herbs include anise, caraway and marjoram. The body parts ruled by this sign include the lungs, shoulders, arms and hands.

Those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini can express a wide range of characteristics. Their primary trait is receptiveness. Others include versatility, cleverness, good humor, spontaneity, and caring. Among their challenging traits are impatience, moodiness, restlessness and remoteness.

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