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Zodiac Sign Of Leo

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Leo Symbol: Represents lion face and mane.
 General Traits: Ambitious but generous. Enjoys being with people but can get easily bored. Good friend. Confident or domineering: You choose.

Leo Birth Dates: July 21 - August 20
Colors: Gold, purple, orange
Element: Fire
Zodiac Birthstone: Onyx

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In Greek mythology, the constellation of Leo was put in the heavens by Zeus as a tribute to the epic battle between The Nemean Lion and Hercules. None were able to prevail against the Nemean Lion until Hercules. The hide of the Nemean Lion was said to be so tough that it was impenetrable by known weapons, which is why Hercules kept the lion's hide and is often depicted as wearing it.

The independent, generous, and loyal are those born under the Zodiac sign of Leo. Leos are generally encouraging in times of stress or sadness. They are ambitious when pursuing their interests. On the negative side, Leos can be excessively stubborn. Leos are susceptible to becoming vain and egotistical. Most Leos have a great need for someone to care about them. Leos want to be appreciated, especially when they have sacrificed and struggled to accomplish important tasks.

While many of the other Zodiac signs are as equally driven and competitive (and have no need of anyone's approval) a trait of those born under the sign of Leo is that they perform best when they have an audience to cheer them on. Most Leos are unaware of this characteristic and are equally clueless about their constant, subtle efforts to dominate everyone and everything. Taking the role as leader poses no problem to a true Leo. In fact, Leos often make awesome and caring leaders in most group situations.

The friendships formed with a Leo is a very gratifying experience. They care for and treat their friends with special attention, especially during difficult times. Your friendship with a Leo can revive one's faith in life and help a person let go of the past. In short, Leos can often be the best friend one could ever have.

People under the sign of the Lion have a great command of their emotions. A Leo is skilled at hiding unwanted emotions and often seem to have a knack at actually reverse negative feelings. Of all the signs, Leos have the ego that is most likely to get them into trouble for vanity. However, underneath that vanity may be silent, unresolved suffering due to previous failures, rejections which drove that Leo to rise above.

Born under and ruled by the Sun and the element of fire, Leos have a hot passion for life and for the people around them. Making choices for those people they care about is never an issue and they tend to be domineering because of this fact. Being the center of attention is the perfect place for Leos and they have the attitude and personality to make good use of this role as well.

Compatible signs for Leos include Sagittarius, Aries, Libra, and Gemini. The people born under these signs have personality traits that are perfect when coupled with those of a Leo. Libras and Geminis are the few people who can get away with saying, 'Bad Lion!' since the rebuke is not to shame Leo, but to genuinely help Leo improve. Leos general clash with Taurus and Scorpio since all those signs can be very stubborn, even inflexible. Oddly, a Leo with a Leo can work out well when there is an understanding neither should attempt to dominate the other.

Some well-known people are Leos and have utilized their Lion traits for making it to fame and in some cases, fortune. Acclaimed author J. K. Rowling, actress Sandra Bullock, and rock star Mick Jagger are all Leos and show it. Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Spacey, and Dustin Hoffman are others born as a lion. When you stand back and take a look at the careers and lives of these people, you can plainly sere the characteristics of the lion shining through.

Leos have better luck with the numbers 2, 13, 39, and 42. Other numbers can play into their luck on certain days as well. Leos are sincere in their intentions and will always offer protection and care for those people they love. Faithfulness and honor are the nature the Zodiac sign Leo. So, naturally, a Leo is proud to be a Leo.

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