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Zodiac Sign Of Capricorn

Horoscope Hotline - Free Phone Horoscopes 24/7 - What is in the stars for you today in love, money, relationships, career, family - Call now

Capricorn Symbol: Represents sea goat, horns, tail
General Traits: Loves to win. Patient. Hard worker but can become overbearing. Generally prefers hard facts over imagination. Susceptible to conceit. Loyal friend.

Capricorn Birth Dates:
December 21 - January 20
Colors: Dark blue & green, red
Element: Earth
Zodiac Birthstone: Ruby

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The Zodiac sign of Capricorn is the second faintest in the cosmos, yet its history stretches back to the Middle Bronze Ages. Capricornus was depicted as half-goat, half-fish in ancient times; the Babylonians knew him as Ea, a god who brought learning and culture to Mesopotamia. Capricornus was also associated with the god Pan, who was a man from the waist up, and a goat from the waist down. It was a horn, broken off from a Capricorn, that became the 'cornucopia' or 'horn of plenty'.

Capricorns have a strong sense of mission and purpose. Capricorns focus their lives around a "great work", which means that they may place more importance on work than on anything else in their lives. By sacrificing pleasure and enjoyment for these achievements, many Capricorns end up feeling isolated and lonely. Other people do not always understand this intense drive for success, but Capricorns are willing to sacrifice relationships, and to be misunderstood in order to achieve their goals.

Capricorns will still have fulfilling romantic relationships. The right partners will appeal to the Capricorn sense of logic, and will appreciate the earth sign's dogged determination to persist at anything that seems worthwhile. In a sense, the right partners portray relationships as an achievement, and then help their Capricorn lovers understand how to earn that achievement. Partners who understand how to advance the relationship will find themselves very secure, and also financially comfortable, a reward for the hours that Capricorns invest at the office.

Emotional expression may be sacrificed as Capricorns work their way to the top. Therefore, Capricorns must make efforts to re-engage with the rest of the human population. Because Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, who is a hard taskmaster, they are often ruled by fear and insecurity. For a few Capricorns, this insecurity will cause a neglect of work, and a tendency toward addiction.

Capricorns can become overly authoritarian causing the people around them may shut down. However, others will be more tolerant of the Capricorn disposition when they understand that the severity comes from an inability to trust life to support them. Everything has to be earned, nothing is free. By tuning into soul-transforming experiences, such as art, music, and intimacy, Capricorns can discover and accept the more sensitive parts of themselves (and others). However, the choice to discover their more "sensitive" side is something a Capricorn must make for themselves.

Capricorns are ruled by the number 8. Eight is often viewed as a number of mourning and restrictiveness, but Capricorns who find the strength of Saturn will turn these tendencies around. When Saturn is strong, Capricorns will be more philosophical, and may find wealth in agriculture, minerals, oil, and other things, which are buried deep in the earth.

Taurus and Virgo are most compatible with Capricorn. Taurus appreciate hard work, though they may not wish to be fanatical as a Capricorn; Virgos can help the Capricorns become 'whole' by showing Capricorns they do have a mystical side. Aries, Cancer, and Libra, on the other hand, will experience romantic disillusionment. Famous Capricorns include Susan Lucci, Denzel Washington, Rudyard Kipling, Anthony Hopkins, J. Edgar Hoover, Joseph Stalin, and Janis Joplin.

Capricorns are often portrayed as terribly dull and industrious. However, Capricorns must remember that their sign is associated not with the goat, but with the mythical sea-goat, who represents the doorway to the other world. Those born under the Zodiac sign of Capricorn have plenty of fire in their bellies, and plenty of mystery in their souls.

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