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Zodiac Sign Of Cancer

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Cancer Symbol:Represents a crab's claws at rest
General Traits: Loyal and adaptable. Truly cares. Often a homebody and team/family oriented. Not happy alone. Can be moody or overly sensitive. Susceptible to self-pity.

Cancer Birth Dates: June 21 - July 20
Colors: white, silver, yellow
Element: Water
Zodiac Birthstone: Emerald

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In mythology, the Zodiac sign, Cancer, the Crab, was placed in the night time sky by the goddess, Hera. In Hera's quest to destroy the Greek hero Heracles, she sent the Crab, Cancer, to help the Hydra during Heracles battle with the Hydra. The Crab was killed by Heracles during the struggle. In honor of Cancer's loyalty and devotion to duty, Hera placed Cancer in the heavens.

The people born under the Zodiac sign of Cancer are nurturing and will closely cherish and protect those people they care about the most. Cancers are generally humble and may not take time to care for themselves preferring to care for others and helping others feel good about themselves. This is why those under the sign of Cancer often create friendships that lasts a lifetime.

Another trait of Cancerians is the great need for external, emotional support from others. However, this need is rarely ever exhibited because they are usually too busy supporting others (especially those in great need). Cancers tend to be shy and introverted, but that should not be confused with cowardliness. If negotiations fail, the Claws will come out, especially in defense of friends, home and family. This devotion is why others have such deep, heartfelt trust in Cancerians.

This devotional trait of Cancer also extends to issues they care about. To be on the opposite side of an issue involving a Cancer individual is to discover that those born in the sign of Cancer have excellent endurance and will persevere even under the most difficult conditions. Cancers also have excellent powers of observation, and when this trait is cultivated, makes them excellent in business, especially as a business partner. The drive for financial security and wealth is cannot be overlooked when dealing with a Cancer personality.

Of all the Zodiac signs, Cancer is in the most need of emotional support. Their temperament can be extremely delicate, even when they are leading a positive and fulfilled life. Because Cancers keep their physical and emotional feelings tightly closed off to the rest of the world, most never see the Cancer's need for love and support. This seeming contradiction often causes a great deal of confusion and conflict for Cancer personalities.

There is nothing harder to deal with than a cranky Cancer. They are sure to let everyone know just how unhappy they are. Everyone quickly learns how hard the Crab can pinch. However, when things go wrong, Cancers will quickly change and can be found holding things together despite the odds.

Zodiac signs compatible with Cancer are Leo, Virgo, Taurus and another Cancers. The reciprocated love of these other signs can really make a Cancer shine. And Cancers unwavering support does the same for these compatible signs.

Some more famous and well-known Cancers have found the ways to harness their insecurities and make it to greater and higher grounds. Tobey Maguire, Meryl Streep, Dan Ackroyd, and Harrison Ford are some of Cancerians that have become well known. Others you may have heard about are Tom Hanks, Sylvester Stallone, and Princess Diana.

Once a Cancerian has the mindset to achieve a goal, they will make it happen at nearly any cost. Making things happen is never an issue for the Crab. People born under this sign are governed by the element water and the tropical sun, a steamy and unsettling combination. The moody and sometimes depressed moods can be a given for Cancers due to this combination.

The numbers most beneficial for those people born under the Zodiac sign of cancer are 11, 29, 30, and sometimes 44. The combination of these numbers with some others can change for the ever changing intuitiveness of those born under this shy sign. Keep in mind numbers change daily and do so according to the placement of the signs. Using a lucky combination can be helpful in many financial situations overseen by Cancers.

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