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Favorite Astrology & Horoscope Sites

Below are some of our favorite astrology, horoscope, astrologers and related sites.

Free Daily Horoscopes
Get your personal horoscope for today, free, online - Astrology readings, also.

Cosmic Ordering
How to ask the Universe for what you need.

Christian Psychic
A Christian who is also a psychic (and astrologer, too)

Ask Astrology
Ask psychic astrologers any question - Free trial

Free Astrology Articles
Free articles about astrology with tips, insights, thoughts.

Astrologers List
Go and meet more professional astrologers

Astrologer Psychic Suzi
For skilled astrology advice, contact Suzi. Former TV and radio clairvoyant psychic reader.

1800 Ghost Help
Having trouble with ghosts, poltergeists, hauntings?

Tarot Love Psychic
Tarot Love Readings With Kay

1800 Psychics
Toll Free Number To Reach Psychics Anytime

Astrologer Psychic Serena
With 27 years professional experience, Melody can answer your questions.

Astrology Courses
Learn about astrology, courses, classes and books

Psychic Course
Discover how to develop psychic talents

After Death Contact
Contact departed souls with the help of psychic medium Lily.

Psychic Selection Help
Free help choosing the perfect astrologer or psychic for your needs.

Astrology Chat
Astrology/Horoscope Readings

Psychic Finders
Lost your car keys? Phone? Want help locating someone? Try these psychic locators.

Phone Horoscopes Psychic Kristine
Try a phone psychic reading with psychic Kristine

New Age Chat
Chat with others about reincarnation, astrology, metaphysics

Astrologers List
Go and meet more professional astrologers

Psychic Libby
Impressive psychic reader and advisor

Free Zodiac Love Match Check
Are you a love match with your mate? Find out.

Tarot Love Readings
Live love reading by phone

Free Horoscopes
A selection of free online horoscopes

Love Tarot Reading
Try a tarot love reading with psychic Kya.

Astrology Chat
Live Chat With Astrologers.

1800 Astrology
Live psychic astrologers ready to help with love, future predictions and more

Astrology Chatline
Affordable, talented astrologers you can talk to AND a number of free articles on astrology.

Intuitive Astrology Psychic
Let astrologer psychic Pearl answer your questions.

Chat With Palm Readers
Chat live with palm readers.

Dream Interpretation
Complete course on interpreting dreams.

Runes Reader Denise
Get Answers With A Powerful Runestone Readings From Psychic Denise.

Wicca Magick Shopping
The best In Wicca, Tarot And Pagan supplies & gifts.

Reincarnation Chat
Chat with live psychics about past lives

Learn Reiki Techniques
Online course to help you become a certified Reiki master

5 Tibetan Health Exercises
Learn the secret techniques Tibetan monks use to stay healthy and youthful

Love Psychic Vicki
Get a love reading with psychic Vicki

1800 Tarot Reading
Select tarot readers you can call

Buy Tarot Cards
Large selection of tarot cards

Girls Flirt Free
Yes, girls flirt free, 24/7

Psychic Gay Readings
Psychic Ricky provides readings for gay relationships.

Psychic Melea - Professional Medium
Experienced medium who can help you meet spirit guides and contact departed loved ones.

Singles Phone Chat
If you are interested in meeting someone by phone.

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